Milk VR has been renamed Samsung VR and opened up to consumers

Samsung has made a string of virtual reality related announcements today at VidCon. It announced the official launch of the Gear 360 camera for customers in the United States, this is the first time that people in the country can buy this camera which was first unveiled at MWC 2016. The company is also making it easier for people to share the 360-degree videos they shoot with the Gear 360.

It has renamed Samsung Milk VR to simply Samsung VR and it’s now allowing user-generated content to be uploaded to the service. This means that not only can users share their 360-degree videos to Facebook and Twitter, they can also share them to Samsung VR. The company wants to make the shooting and sharing process as simple as possible and wants to create an “end-to-end VR ecosystem” within its products. Only brands and content partners could previously upload content to Milk VR. The Gear 360 costs $349 and it gets a limited release in the United States tomorrow.

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