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Last updated: April 25th, 2018 at 15:53 UTC+01:00

Samsung has announced the launch of a new initiative this week called Pilot Season through which it’s bringing exclusive episodic content to the Gear VR platform. The initiative is going to feed new exclusive original episodic virtual reality content into the Samsung VR Video service. This new program is part of Samsung’s efforts to bring more engaging virtual reality content to its platform.

Pilot episodes for six original series out now

Through the Pilot Season program, Samsung provided grants to a select set of independent filmmakers who created original virtual reality episodes. They were also given the opportunity to utilize Samsung’s 360 Round camera which is the company’s professional-grade 360-degree camera. The professional 360-degree camera is a rig made up of 17 cameras that can both capture and livestream content. It supports real-time calibration of stitch lines as well as color and light correction capabilities.

The selected filmmakers also get exclusive distribution through a dedicated channel on the Samsung VR Video service.The pilot episodes for the six exclusive original series developed as part of this initiative are now available via Samsung VR Video on the Gear VR. Those who own the headset can access the Samsung VR Video service from the Oculus store. The Pilot Season episodes will be listed in the “Featured” section of the service.

The six original VR series cover a wide range of topics. They include one that highlights how design is going to change the way we look at the world to even a scripted sci-fi virtual reality comedy series.

There’s bound to be something for everyone so if you’ve got a Gear VR lying around, do check out the Pilot Season episodes on the Samsung VR Video service. Don’t forget that you’ll require a Samsung handset compatible with the Gear VR such as the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ to access the episodes. We can expect Samsung to work with more filmmakers to add even more VR episodic titles to the service down the line.

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