‘Smart Glow’ is Samsung’s alternative to the notification LED

Samsung is going to introduce an alternative to the notification LED soon called “Smart Glow,” it’s going to be an illuminated ring around the camera lens on the back which lights up for notifications. Users will be able to set up the feature to display priority alerts about incoming messages or calls, usage alerts, battery status, and more.

It won’t just be limited to replacing the notifications LED. It’s also going to help users take pictures of themselves with the rear camera. Since that can prove to be a bit tricky as opposed to taking a selfie with a front camera, the Smart Glow ring will illuminate when it detects the face and the photo will then be taken in a few seconds. Samsung is expected to introduce Smart Glow in the upcoming Galaxy J2 (2016) which will be launched in India. It’s unclear at this point in time whether this feature will make it to flagship handsets like the Galaxy Note 7.



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They should implement that around the Home button to and the notification led can go


My age old MDA Vario IV had such a thing and that was brilliant. I always wondered why nobody did that again.

I do hope the LED on the front stays with the Smart Glow. It is pretty pointless to have this only on the back of the phone.


I don’t know if this will replace the front LED notification or not, but replacing tge front LEd i don’t think it will be a good idea as most of the time my phone always lie with front up so its easy to see if there is notification with front LED rather than having this on the back and removing from front beacuse also it wont make sense to have redundant feature on the phone