Yet another Galaxy Note 7 teaser surfaces

Earlier today, we came across a rather sketchy looking teaser of the upcoming Note flagship, strongly suggesting that it will be known as the Galaxy Note 7. Well, apparently, that wasn’t it for the day as we’ve just received another teaser in our inbox with more or less the same markings, but with the words “Note the next Galaxy”, with the number 7 prominent in the background.

I’m personally in two minds about the authenticity of this particular leak, but it’s surely more convincing than the one we encountered earlier today. The Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled in early August, so it shouldn’t be long before Samsung begins posting official teasers.

The jury is still out on whether (or why) Samsung wants to name its next flagship the Galaxy Note 7, but one possible reasoning is that the company wants it to be categorized with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge, thus avoiding confusion among fans.


Thanks, J.L!


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If you were a fan, you wouldn’t be confused!


Yeap. I can tell from the way Samsung makes teasers and the fonts they’re using–this one IS NOT legit. Even though the next Note turns out to be 7, this teaser is still NOT from Samsung.


Still looks freakin’ fake. People are to copy the first fake teaser from a Chinese guy in Weibo.
Just compare both photos. Too similar. And the text fonts arent the ones Samsung usually uses.

PS. They use Samsung Sharp Sans, while this one uses Century Gothic.