Import listing points towards the Galaxy Note 7 edge

The debate continues over whether the company’s next flagship phablet will be called Galaxy Note 6 as many expect or if Samsung is going to skip a number and call it the Galaxy Note 7 instead. The debate won’t end soon, and so won’t rumors about an “edge” variant of the next Galaxy Note flagship. It’s not surprising for Samsung to release multiple variants of one handset, and it has already released the Galaxy Note Edge before, so this possibility certainly exists.

Import tracker Zauba lists a metal mask for mobile phone production line of the SM-N935G. The model number itself is enough to assume that it points towards the Galaxy Note 7 edge. SM-N930 is the model number for the next Galaxy Note phablet and since edge variants are also differentiated with the digit “5,” it’s easy to see the possibility that this metal mask just might be for the Galaxy Note 7 edge. For example, the Galaxy S7 has model number SM-G930 while the Galaxy S7 edge has model number SM-G935. All of this will remain speculation until Samsung makes an official announcement, we’ll have to wait until August for that.

We should point out here that we find no firmware being developed for a handset bearing model number SM-N935G, so it’s still far from confirmed if Samsung will be launching an edge variant alongside its next Galaxy Note phablet.


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