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Samsung uploads 360-degree shark dive video to YouTube

This time last year, Samsung renovated its Experience Stores in Australia to showcase its latest innovation, the Gear VR, so passers by and potential customers could stroll into the buildings and take in a ‘shark diving tour’. Upon arrival consumers were handed a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, equipped with a Note 4 playing the marine exploration video.

Now Gear VR owners can partake in their own shark diving adventure from the comfort of their home as Samsung Australia has uploaded the same video to its official YouTube channel for the whole world to view. This short movie was created in partnership with surf film director Taylor Steel, and shows sharks in their own habitat from various angles.

The content is available to view in 4K and does not necessarily have to be watched on a Gear VR as the format YouTube employs for 360-degree video is universal to all devices and can be watched on just about any other VR unit — so if you have a Google Cardboard headset, you’re in luck. Just click link below to view a fully immersive shark dive.


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