Samsung Smart Windshield lets you keep your eyes on the road – almost

Samsung is not ashamed of dabbling into unchartered territory such as testing autonomous vehicles on its own race track, creating an omnidirectional speaker, and manufacturing a text messaging-centric TV for the sake of innovation (a commendable effort, no doubt), and one area in which innovation is needed on the road, where drivers get distracted by technology every day and can cause accidents due to a split second of neglect.

Samsung has created its own Safety Truck to help truck drivers see traffic better and make better road decisions, thereby preventing loss of life, but what about motorcyclists? With less protection and very little of anything remotely close to a shield to protect them, motor bikers need some safety tools, too. The latest for the Korean giant, in its partnership with Leo Burnett is called the Samsung Smart Windshield. The Smart Windshield is, as the name suggests, a “windshield” for motorcyclists. It allows them to look ahead (not to the side or down to their phone) and see all their notifications (emails, texts, missed calls, etc.).

Drivers can use a pre-selected text message to let their contacts know when they’re on the road and unable to answer a call, text, or email. There are other notifications as well, though Samsung has yet to reveal all the details. The Smart Windshield lights up at night so that you need not worry about visual challenges with notifications and reading. The navigation system built within the Smart Windshield helps keep you on track and headed in the right direction (both metaphorically and literally). While this will keep your eyes on what’s ahead, the location of the Windshield may make you look down to your dashboard ever so slightly (though we hope you’d stop to make a call, send a text, or read an email if it’s that important; remember, it can wait).

The Samsung Smart Windshield lives up to the company’s idea that the Galaxy S7 is not a phone but a Galaxy/galaxy because of the centric role its smartphones play in the Smart Windshield: your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge is used to power the windshield, so you’ll always keep your “world” with you – similar to Android Auto or iOS in the Car. Of course autonomous vehicles with brains are on the way, but for now, smartphone-powered smart vehicles will have to do.

To see just how the Samsung Smart Windshield works, check out the video and hit up the source link below. Motorcycle diehards, are you ready to put the pedal to the gravel with Samsung?


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When they make something like HUD for motorbikes helmets, whitch you can mount on every helmet you like?