Source code of Unpacked teaser page hints at Gear 360 launch

Earlier this week we confirmed Samsung will launch a 360 degree camera named Gear 360. A teaser page for the upcoming Unpacked event now indirectly confirms this.

Those of us nerdy enough to, you know, read the source code of web pages rather than the accessible rendered versions, will find one very interesting tidbit in the source of the freshly launched teaser page Samsung put up for its February 21st Unpacked event. Among the listed keywords the phrase ‘360 video’ stands directly next to more obvious terms like ‘launch’ and ‘mobile’.

Earlier we predicted that the Gear 360 could turn out to be an important centerpiece during this Unpacked edition, since nearly all aspects of both Galaxy S7 devices have already leaked. This leaves Samsung room to put the spotlight on something else than its smartphone lineup, with something else likely being the Gear 360.

There is, of course, a chance the ‘360 video’ keyword merely hints at the Unpacked event streaming live in full 360 degree glory. In fact, this would make for a very nice PR move to highlight the possibilities offered by Samsung’s Gear VR. However, there would be no point in being secretive about it, unless the Gear 360 is indeed scheduled to meet the press then and there.



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