Exclusive: Samsung working on newer version of Kids Mode for 2016, new Kids tablet

Our trusty insiders have revealed to us that Samsung is working to update its Kids Mode app, which was introduced with the Galaxy S5 back in 2014. Kids Mode has made its way to other Samsung devices since its release and is also available on the Play Store as a regular download for the company’s devices, and the 2016 iteration of Kids Mode could get a major overhaul.

The overhaul could include a new user interface (one that is still focused on being visually attractive for the little ones), including new and improved animations. The version number will see a bump to 4.x, which leads us to believe the update will be substantial. But for now the information that has been made available to us doesn’t give us much to go on in terms of what the new Kids Mode will bring to the table.

We have also learned that Samsung is working on a new tablet for kids; this could be the Galaxy Tab E Kids that was leaked recently. The company even posted a feature focus for Kids Mode on its website recently, so it’s possible we will see both the tablet and the new Kids Mode app in the near future.

Do you use the Kids Mode feature on your Samsung device?


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My pullout game strong so no kids yet.


Some of the product managers in Samsung seems to be uneducated people.


The S5 launched in 2014…