Samsung Kids Store now has over 900 apps and games

Samsung now has a listing of over 900 apps and games in its Kids Store. All these apps and games are classified for three different age groups: 0-4 years old for preschool children, 5-6 years old for kindergarteners and 7 years old or more for primary school children. The Kids Store which is available on the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Tab S, is designed to provide a safe educational experience for children. The Kids Store is an expansion of Kids Mode, which was originally introduced on the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids.

With the Parental Control feature, parents can have complete control over the apps and games that are being used by their children. Kids can purchase the content only after their parents approve it, using a password. The Kids Store also provides premium content for kids from PBS Kids, Budge Studio, Cupcake Digital and Intellijoy.

WonPyo Hong, President of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said, “The average age at which children using ‘smart devices’ for the first time has become lower than before. Samsung is committed to providing interesting and educational content to children, while continuing its effort to help parents protect their children and allow them to enjoy safe, parent-approved content in their daily lives.”

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