Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ trumps every other smartphone in mobile photography performance

The flagships that Samsung released this year had great cameras, no wonder DxOMark found that the Galaxy S6 edge really had the “edge” over the competition when it came to mobile photography performance. The same company, well known for its photography and videography testing, has put the Galaxy S6 edge+ through its paces and gave it the best score on its database which means that the phablet is now tied in first place with the Sony Xperia Z5. The Galaxy S6 edge sits in second place on the list with the Galaxy Note 5 for company.

DxOMark found during its tests that the Galaxy S6 edge+ provides great exposures in all lighting conditions, excellent white balance and color reproduction, high levels of detail preservation in bright light and low light conditions as well as superior flash and autofocus performance. It goes so far as to say that the Galaxy S6 edge+ has “one of the best camcorder available on a smartphone,” scoring it 87/100 for photography and 85/100 for videography. It’s not like the camera on this smartphone needed another vote of confidence, even award-winning photographers have put it to the test and found it to be spectacular, but Samsung wouldn’t mind having the Galaxy S6 edge+ on top of DxOMark‘s list of the best performing smartphones in mobile photography.



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