Marshmallow significantly improves Edge panels on the Galaxy S6 edge

The dual-curve display of the Galaxy S6 edge didn’t really do much aside from looking really pretty when the handset first came out, Samsung repeated the same mistake that it made with the Galaxy Note Edge, which also had a beautiful curved edge display that didn’t serve any real purpose. The company did add more functionality to it with subsequent software updates and Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 edge brings the most significant improvement yet for Edge panels on this handset.

A video overview of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow beta running on the Galaxy S6 edge shows that the Edge panels feature is much more useful than before. Aside from People and Apps Edge, there’s a panel for My places which lists the most recently used apps, a Task edge panel which has shortcuts to relevant apps, a Quick tools panel which mentions the location and also contains a compass as well as separate tiles for S Planner, Weather, Twitter Trends, Yahoo Finance and Sports. All of this would really make the curved display of the Galaxy S6 edge much more useful, however users will have to wait for Marshmallow to arrive before they can take advantage of all this on their handset.

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1 year 22 days ago

How’d he get this firmware on the Canadian variant? (SM-G925W8)

1 year 22 days ago

Yeah Will have these Features soon on my Note 4 :D Waiting for s6Edge+ port Custom ROM’s Next Upgrade ;)

1 year 23 days ago

This really looks beautiful. However it’s not strictly relying on the edge screen. These features are very useful for multitasking and I think that they could easily be ported to the regular S6.
But Samsung wants to add extra functions to the edge screen (which isn’t necessary here) probably to justify the higher price.
I don’t understand why. Edges aren’t there to be useful (they were on Note Edge) they are there to make the phone look beautiful, and they really do, so hopefully S6 users could be surprised with some new multitasking features.

1 year 23 days ago

“The Galaxy Note Edge, which also had a beautiful curved edge display that didn’t serve any real purpose”

Come on! Most of what you are talking about as great functionality with marshmallow is already there in the Note Edge. There is now a wide range of apps, both Samsung and thrid party, for everything from news feeds to weather to calendars to contacts to popup windows to task and app shortcuts, widgets, task switcher, screen previews, and whatnot.

Can expect this type of comment from the usual uninformed technology press, but not Sammobile.

1 year 22 days ago

Because they don’t seem to know the Edge very well at Sammobile, or anywhere else for that matter. I am constantly annoyed by the tech press’ inability to give a full story or perspective because of how obvious it is that they never went in very deep with the device. You’re right, EVERY SINGLE FEATURE listed is already available on Note Edge and has been for many many months. But for some reason people refuse to acknowledge that.

The Edge screen on the Note serves a huge purpose … To get junk out of the way.

Shortcuts, clock, measuring tools, flashlight, contacts, news and Twitter feeds, appointments … The list is massive.

I’m honestly a little surprised at Sammobile…

Samsung totally fell on their faces by not making a Note Edge 2 but whatever. Samsung really doesn’t care about making the perfect phone, they just want to draw attention from Apple for a few months at a time even though everyone who tries a Galaxy device after starting with Apple devices eventually switches back to Apple. They don’t seem to understand that their most valuable customers are their loyal ones, like you, who understand the value of what Samsung is already doing the right way.

Sammobile, please pick up a Note Edge for more than a few hours and try writing this post again.

1 year 23 days ago

when will UK beta 6.0 get that 6.0.1 update ?

1 year 23 days ago

Sorry to say but may i ask u why only Uk peoples Enjoy a Beta Version..Its a unfair Samsung …

1 year 23 days ago

How did he get that firmware?

1 year 23 days ago

i have s6 edge i have just received 6.0 is there any one who received 6.0.1?

1 year 23 days ago

It looks like the Korean’s beta program has gotten the 6.0.1 the UK will have to wait.

1 year 23 days ago


1 year 23 days ago

When did s6 edge get the 6.0.1. I have s6 and I have the 6.0 version.

1 year 23 days ago

Which theme is being used on the S6 edge in the video. I liked the icons

1 year 23 days ago

That’s awesome! Definitely looking forward to this on my edge+!

1 year 23 days ago

Some devices are getting 6.0 and some are getting 6.0.1 what is this?wonder when will i be getting it on my G920I

1 year 23 days ago

nice feature! only pitty that we can’t install this. I have android 6.0 (beta) not 6.0.1. Is there a official way to download this?

1 year 23 days ago

What do you mean “Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow”? They directly updated it to 6.0.1 in the beta? I thought everyone received 6.0 update.

1 year 23 days ago

Every phone is getting new features with updates so why the hell note 4 is the only phone that didnt get any new features with 2 major updates till now and i saw in marshmallow rumors that it will still not getting new features nexus is more worthy than samsung

1 year 21 days ago

I don’t really know what new features you would need on the Note 4. I’m super happy with my Note 4 Snapdragon variant, has given me zero problems so far. Great for games, browsing web, movies, music etc.