Samsung SM-G450 crops up online, could be another Galaxy On series device

The Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On will soon herald the launch of Samsung’s new On series of smartphones. We’re still unclear about where this new lineup will fit considering these devices feature hardware very similar to existing smartphones; new devices in the Grand and Mega lineups could have simply been called the Galaxy Grand 4 and the Galaxy Mega 3, so the reasoning behind the odd naming is also rather confusing.

Well, to further confuse the plot, it seems Samsung could be adding a third device to the lineup soon after the Grand On and Mega On go official. An unnamed Galaxy phone with model number SM-G450 (and a 5.5-inch screen) was recently imported to India for testing; the Grand On has the model number SM-G550 while the Mega On is SM-G600, making it highly possible that the SM-G450 is another device in the same series. Samsung imported two models: an SM-G450A and an SM-G450V, suggesting that US carriers AT&T and Verizon might be selling the device as well.

If this is indeed another On smartphone, we’re guessing we could also see an SM-G500 somewhere down the line as a smartphone that slots in between the SM-G450 and the Galaxy Grand On. In any case, one thing is certain: Samsung is still not done with its tradition of flooding the market with numerous smartphones, and we can only hope the company will someday see sense on focusing on quality rather than quantity.


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