Samsung Galaxy A9 components land in India for testing

As we reported last week, Samsung is prepping the Galaxy A9, along with the spiritual successors to the Galaxy A3, the Galaxy A5, and the Galaxy A7. Now, we have found out that accessories for the Galaxy A9 have landed on the Indian shores for testing and evaluation purposes.

Samsung is testing various components of the Galaxy A9 (SM-A9000), such as the cover glass, the SIM tray, and the main board. This is yet another sign that the Galaxy A9 is in the works, but since Samsung is only testing individual components at the moment, the launch of the phone could be a couple of months away. Not that that would be a bad thing, as the Galaxy A8 has barely had enough time on the market for the Korean giant to be launching its successor so soon and bloating its smartphone lineup with too many choices faster than it usually does.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Zauba Listing


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