New Gear S2 promo highlights the intuitiveness of the rotating bezel

Samsung’s Gear S2 with its rotating bezel is a unique take on the smartwatch market, but just how unique is it to everyday life? Will turning the rotating bezel to navigate the Rotary UI feel natural, or is it a new action that will gain adjustment over time?

Samsung Mobile Korea has published a new promo featuring the Gear S2, with the rotating bezel taking center stage. Rotating the bezel on the Gear S2 is compared to normal activities: turning up the volume on a stereo cassette player, driving a car by way of the steering wheel, peddling a bike, turning the dial on a rotary phone to call someone, turning the knob of a typewriter to move down the page while typing.

The music talks about “turning a page” while Samsung showcases a page being turned on a typewriter. Samsung’s actions that mimic the lyrics of songs is one forte and signature trademark of the company’s promos that never grows old.

In other words, the using the Gear S2 is as natural as using everything else in life. It gives life to the circular shape of smartwatches, making the shape useful for something more than just a nice aesthetic. Check out the video by heading to the link below.


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