Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Grand On and Mega On specifications

We broke news of Samsung working on the Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On earlier this month, and today we have the entire spec sheet of the two smartphones. Both devices will be part of the company’s new O series – or On, depending on where Samsung takes it – and will feature entry-level specifications similar to the Galaxy J lineup, but as the phone names suggest, these devices will basically be spin-offs of existing lineups.

Alright, so let’s get down to the specifications. The Galaxy Mega On (SM-G600) will feature a 5.5-inch HD display, a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1.5GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel primary camera. It will also have a 5-megapixel front camera, 8GB of expandable storage, and a 3,000 mAh battery, with everything packed under a 151.8×77.5×8.2 mm body that weighs 145 grams.

The Galaxy Grand On (SM-G550) will be a smaller device with a 5-inch HD screen, Exynos 3475 CPU clocked at 1.3GHz (this chip will also power the Galaxy J2), 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a 2,600 mAh battery. The front camera and internal storage will be the same as the Mega On, and both phones will launch with Android 5.1 out of the box. The Grand On’s dimensions come in at 142×71.9×8.5 mm and it will weigh 140 grams.

The Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On aren’t much different than the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 in terms of hardware, so we’re guessing the design will yet again be the differentiating factor, like it is when it comes to the Galaxy J and E series. Going by Samsung’s nagging habit of launching multiple new phones in each lineup, devices with the On tag will no doubt increase in number in the future. For now, we have no clue when the Grand On and Mega On will launch, but we will be sure to keep you updated whenever we come across further details.

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1 year 7 months ago

update galaxy grand 2 SM-G7102 to lolipop first pleaseeee,you must listen what customer wants

1 year 7 months ago

so it’s not galaxy oculus after all. what’s the point of this series then?

1 year 7 months ago

A Mega that’s only 5.5″, what a fail. It should be 6.25″ or 6.5″. I have a Mega 6.3.

1 year 7 months ago

Had a Mega 6.3 myself last year, and thought it was a fantastic device.

Got an S6 Edge now and love it, but I definitely would not mind an Edge that was the same size as the Mega 6.3. It was huge, but I’ve got big hands so it was easy to hold.

1 year 7 months ago

Didn’t Samsung say they were going to trim back on the number of phones they are offering? If these are launched this year, that makes roughly 18 phones and 6 tablets Samsung has released just this year alone that run Android. Maybe spend more time supporting existing devices instead of eating away sales of those existing devices with a new one every 3 months. There’s a reason they teach cannibalization in grad school and why the Note 4 will be my last Samsung phone.

1 year 7 months ago

Samsung actually have cut a lot of devices, last year they released 54 smartphones and 20 tablets compared to the 18 phones and 6 tablets this year. i don’t know about you, but that seems like a huge downgrade in products being produced.

1 year 7 months ago

54 smartphones & 20 tablets?!? That seems absolutely ridiculous. How can you effectively support all of that?

No wonder it takes 6+ months for Samsung to release Android / Touchwiz updates….you have to test Touchwiz / Android integration across (most of) those devices!

Not saying Samsung has to go the way of Apple and roll out 1 new smartphone & 2 new tablets worldwide each year….but c’mon!

Imagine the cost savings Samsung could realize if they only had to manufacture 4-5 different & distinct devices, where each served a different segment of the mobile market.

1 year 7 months ago

i believe that they have done well in how much they have cut back, You made a solid point mate.