Galaxy S6 edge+ to receive higher marketing focus than the Galaxy Note 5?

As we inch closer to the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, yet another interesting bit of information has surfaced regarding the two phablets. We had exclusively revealed that the Korean manufacturer would not be launching the Galaxy Note 5 in every market, at least in the initial phase, and would instead be giving consumers in these regions the Galaxy S6 edge+. Now, The Korea Herald is reporting that Samsung will even be putting more marketing resources on the dual-edge phablet than its next Galaxy Note flagship.

Apparently, the Galaxy S6 edge+ will be launched globally while Samsung is still not decided on where the Galaxy Note 5 will make an official appearance, something that echoes what our own insiders had told us. As for the marketing efforts, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see Samsung taking it lightly with the Note 5. The Galaxy Note lineup is so popular at this point that it’s destined to do well even with the most basic of marketing, but that Edge display with its dual curves is a new and not-so-well-known feature that Samsung would want to highlight as it bets bigger and bigger on curved displays over the coming years.

Of course, displays curved on both sides don’t exactly offer much in the way of functionality, not at this point of time anyway, but the fact that the S6 edge has managed to create considerably more demand than the regular S6 could have something to do with Samsung’s intention of making a heavy push for the larger S6 edge. There is a lot of confusion over what Samsung is planning on doing with its next top-of-the-line smartphones, though it won’t be long before everything gets cleared up by the company itself.

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