This just might be the best Galaxy S6 edge unboxing video ever

There’s certainly no shortage of unboxing videos of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge from tech publications and the people who picked up these new handsets, Samsung even went so far as to create an “in-boxing” video of its new flagship. The company recently released a new video online and it just might be the best Galaxy S6 edge unboxing video ever created.

It’s everything you expect from an amateur unboxing video on YouTube, the unsteady filming and the obligatory “Hey, what’s up guys” greeting at the start. However things get really interesting a few seconds in when our hero receives a message that “they’re coming,” cue an action sequence that will be perfectly at home in a James Bond flick. He fights off some bad guys, throws garden pots at others and then rushes to the roof where he makes his escape in a helicopter. Once he’s safely away he gets back to business and starts explaining the Galaxy S6 edge’s ability to run two apps at once.

This is certainly one of the most creative spots that Samsung’s marketing team has come up with, it’s entertaining and fun to watch while it also manages to convey the message across. The Galaxy S6 really is the smartphone you need.


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