Samsung releases an ‘in-boxing’ video of the Galaxy S6 edge

You may have seen countless unboxing videos on YouTube where basically the entire unpacking experience is caught on camera. All of the plastic is peeled off, the box is opened and the device removed, accessories are shown and even the instruction manuals scanned. Samsung has taken a slightly different approach by releasing an “in-boxing” video of the Galaxy S6 edge. The video starts off with all of the Galaxy S6 edge components laid out on a table that a gentleman then starts to put together.

Basically the video shows a guy putting together a Galaxy S6 edge unit by hand. He first places the fingerprint scanner in the chassis before attaching the dual edge curved display. Then goes in the non-removable battery followed by the rear camera and the logic board which contains user memory, RAM and the application processor. Next up is the front facing camera followed by the Galaxy S6 edge’s metal frame that has the wireless charging coil and speaker built-in. Once that’s screwed on the glass back cover is put into place and voila, the Galaxy S6 edge comes to life.

Then starts the procedure of packing this device in a box. First the instruction manuals are placed followed by earphones, USB cable and the Fast Charger. The Galaxy S6 edge then takes its place inside the box which is closed and slipped inside a sleeve to complete the in-boxing.

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