Samsung indirectly confirms wireless charging on the Galaxy S6

With the Galaxy S6 expected to be the first Galaxy S flagship to feature a non-removable battery (thanks to its thin metallic design), one that might also be pretty low in capacity, people are no doubt a bit worried that Samsung’s upcoming flagship might disappoint in terms of the battery life. However, it has been rumored that the Galaxy S6 would come with wireless charging out of the box, and Samsung might just have confirmed that feature through a post on its blog.

Samsung has published a rather huge article about wireless charging, talking about how the technology is expected to become more popular and how the company has worked on advancing standards related to wireless charging. The article is basically an insight into how the technology has progressed over the years, and is pretty much the only confirmation we need that wireless charging could come as a standard feature on the Galaxy S6.

That’s also supported by the fact that the list of accessories that we exclusively reported on last month didn’t include a wireless charging case. The new fast charging technology that has become famous over the last year has certainly negated the need for features like wireless charging to some extent, but if the option to charge the device without the hassle of wires does make it to the Galaxy S6, well, you certainly won’t find us complaining.



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Maybe you need to stop playing with your phone all day long.


If it is able to achieve these S.O.T without Ultra Power Saving, everyone would benefit from it. It’s not about playing the phone all day long. No point a Galaxy Note 4 powering the whole day while only achieve 6hours of S.O.T. It doesn’t stand out from the rest and wouldn’t be ideal choice for power users.

One question though, are you saying you don’t mind if it has poor S.O.T from a single charge?


It doesn’t matter what charging method or size of battery in it. All I want is it to achieve 9~12 hours of Screen On Time if able from a single charge. I’m tired of carrying a power bank around. It’s thick and bulky.