Exclusive: Here is a list of confirmed accessories for the Galaxy S6

With every flagship device, Samsung launches specialised accessories to showcase all its features effectively. Samsung has designed such special accessories for its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, and we have an exclusive scoop on them. Samsung will release S View cover case, Flip Wallet case, and a slew of other accessories, all of which are listed below (along with their code names). Samsung will also launch a wireless charger for the Galaxy S6, though we are not sure if the device will support wireless charging without the need for a special case.

We will be working on getting you more exclusive information on Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphone, which is expected to be shown off to Samsung partners at CES.

  • • EF-CG920B — Zero-F S View Cover Case ‏
  • • EP-PG920I — Zero-Flat S Charger Pad Power ‏
  • • EF-WG920B — Zero-F Flip Wallet Case ‏
  • • ET-FG920C‏ — Zero-F Screen protector ETC
  • • EF-YG920B — Zero-F Protective Cover [PULeather] Case ‏
  • • EF-QG920B — Zero-F Protective Cover [Clear] Case
  • • EF-YG925BMEBUS — Zero Protective Cover [PULeather] Case ‏
  • • EF-WG925BSEBUS — Zero Flip Wallet Case PVR
  • • EF-QG925BGEGWW‏‎ — Zero Protective Cover [Clear]Case


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@JASWEB the galaxy project was codenamed ‘project zero’. Hence the name.


Zero Protective Cover… Does not sound right. They should have thought that one through a bit more! I would rather want a Maximum Protective Cover.