Report: Samsung sold over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide

When Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note Edge, it wasn’t sure how the consumers would respond to it, since the curved edge screen was a new concept. No wonder, the South Korean smartphone giant mentioned the Note Edge as a “limited edition concept device.” However, to Samsung’s surprise it generated more than expected response from the consumers worldwide. If a report from a Korean publication DT is to be believed, Samsung has managed to sell over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide, which is quite a small number when compared to the Galaxy Note 4, but it still goes on to show that people aren’t afraid to try out new things. For comparison, over 4.5 million units of the Galaxy Note 4 were sold within a month of its availability.

This is surely a welcome change for Samsung, since its mobile device sales and operating profits have been declining consistently. It recently lost the number one position in the Indian smartphone market to Micromax, and lost the market leading position to Apple in Q4 2014. Even though we think that the Galaxy Note Edge is still an unfinished product, which seems to have been rushed to the market, people were brave enough to buy it even with its premium price tag. We think that the curved Edge screen on the Galaxy Note Edge could be used in a better way, and according to a number of leaks and reports, Samsung is on its way to release the curved Edge screen variant of its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. It still isn’t clear if it will be called as the Galaxy S6 Edge or simply as the Galaxy S Edge.

Via | Source (Translated From Korean)

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