Micromax overtakes Samsung as India’s largest smartphone vendor

Looks like there is no break in bad news for Samsung. In the latest data provided by research firm Canalys it is claimed that Micromax has passed Samsung and it is now the largest smartphone vendor in India. Micromax is an Indian smartphone manufacturer and apparently it was able to dethrone Samsung in Q4 2014. That’s also the quarter in which Apple matched shipments of Samsung smartphones with its iPhones globally. Canalys data shows that Micromax’s market share in India now sits at 22 percent as opposed to Samsung’s 20 percent.

Samsung continues to come under pressure from local brands. Trailing behind the Korean company are Karbonn Mobiles and Lava in third and fourth place respectively.

It should be mentioned here that this would be the first time in years that Samsung is not India’s largest smartphone vendor. Micromax was able to get a lead on it due to the performance of its competitively priced offerings particularly for the low-end segment of the market.

Samsung can come out with a denial against this research firm’s data and show that its still very much at the top if it believes that there has been a mistake here. Whether it would do that remains to be seen.

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I am sure that when Indians go shopping for a smartphone, the last thing that drives their decision for chosing a brand is how many days ahead that brand updates their OS compared to the other rivals. Samsung has been shipping and selling millions of their flagships at times, at an obscenely high price tags. We are talking about millions of devices on the production belts. Micromax and other Indian brands knew their market, they offered almost same tech. at much lower prices. Afterall, why an average purchaser in Indian market will want a UV sensor on their mobiles? Samsung… Read more »


Correct !! my note 4 didn’t received a Single update from 22nd Oct !!
on the Other hand Yereka a brand new Micromax sister companies Yu Lineup is receiving Lollipop nightlies ..


wake up call for samsung in india.
HTC M8 already updates with lollipop 5.0 yesterday.Samsung is still behind to roll out of new firmware on there premium devices.
Is samsung going Nokia’s way?


Do you actually follow Samsung’s update procedures ? It doesn’t look like that because apparently samsung beat every other oem to upgrade to lollipop.


He Meant only for India.
In India, LG G3 was the 1st with Lollipop Update after obviously Nexus line.
After that Moto X & G and then now M8.
Note 4 and S5 are still lagging in updates w.r.t Indian Market.

i know s5 was the 1st in Global Market to do so.. but its now true for worldwide scenario..