Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 design details leak

From an actual case for the Galaxy S6 to the schematics of a case for the device, it seems a lot of leaks are pouring out in an attempt to reveal how Samsung’s next flagship will look like. has published photos showing the schematics for the Galaxy S6 case, with the photos revealing the supposed dimensions of the phone. If these photos are in any way real, it seems the Galaxy S6 will be taller, thinner and wider than the Galaxy S5.

Its dimensions are listed at 143.52mm x 70.70mm x 7.19mm – if you look at the thickness, you can see that it has gone down but is nowhere near the thinness of the Galaxy A7 (which is 6.3mm). The cutout for the camera on the back of the case is similar to the one on the other case that leaked out, reiterating that the LED flash and camera sensor will be placed at the right of the camera sensor instead of the bottom. Also similar are the cutouts on the top, which might be there for housing the headphone jack and IR sensor.

As for the bottom, it’s almost as if Samsung is cramming in a lot of ports, as there are no less than three cutouts. One of these is for the USB port for sure – another one might be for the headphone jack assuming that isn’t placed at the top, while the third could be for the loudspeaker grille.

It’s odd to see so many leaks making their way online, hinting that Samsung is not changing the design of the Galaxy S6 by a wide margin. As always, since the company is quite adept at hiding the design of its flagships before their announcement, take all these leaks with a pinch of salt.






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