Samsung launches Milk VR to bring immersive video content to the Gear VR

Bringing great content to owners of the Gear VR is no doubt one of the things Samsung is tasked with if it intends its virtual reality headset to find success. Thankfully, the company seems to be making all the right moves – Samsung has announced that it is launching the Milk VR service for the Gear VR as a technical preview. Milk VR will be focused on offering videos that provide a immersive 360-degree experience, with the content coming out at a frequent pace to keep consumers interested.

Samsung is hoping that budding artists and filmmakers will use the Milk VR service as an opportunity to bring their work to the virtual reality field, while also helping the company increase the amount of content it has for the Gear VR. It’s unclear when a stable public release of Milk VR will take place, though Gear VR users can currently download the technical preview from the headset’s home screen and download or stream videos at their leisure.


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Well thought. I would buy this device now, if it can be used as the Occulus rift in PC games, such as Elite dangerous.