Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 were leaked so often but announced very late

In recent times, no Samsung device has leaked so often as the Galaxy A5, and to some extend, the Galaxy A3 and A7. We had noted before that it was surprising that despite so many leaks, Samsung was holding off an official announcement (the Galaxy A7 still isn’t official.) Initially supposed to be announced sometime in the third quarter of the year, the Galaxy A3 and A5 were unveiled earlier this month, and now, thanks to our insiders, we have info on exactly why the Korean manufacturer took so long before it took the wraps off its first all-metal Android handsets.

Well, being Samsung’s first attempt at making smartphones with full metal bodies (ones that take away the traditional Samsung feature of removable batteries), the company was met with low production yields while manufacturing the metal casings. According to our source, the casings did not meet the quality requirements Samsung was aiming for, and only around 50 percent of the yield came out right. Samsung is a big company with a lot of resources, but it’s not that surprising that they had problems with making full metal devices as the company’s usual production lines have always been geared at making mostly fully plastic smartphone shells, and since very recently, those with metal on the sides.

The low yield is also a reason why the Galaxy A3 and A5 will initially be launched only in Asia – there are simply not enough units to go around, and given the popularity of low-cost devices in the Asian region, it’s the region where Samsung is focusing on in the beginning. Hopefully, the company’s ability to make these metallic smartphones will mature quickly in the coming months, and that the Galaxy A3′s and A5′s it does sell to consumers don’t face any build issues.

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2 years 5 months ago

“as the company’s usual production lines have always been geared at making mostly fully plastic smartphone shells, and since very recently, those with metal on the sides.”

Not a monumentally tough hurdle to cross provided if Samsung is serious about trimming down much of the low – low midrange Galaxies off its future plans, which unfortunately as its own VP had pointed out just recently that this won’t be the case. They’re gonna try to hit every price tiers he said, apparently oblivious to the fact that they themselves have been flooding the market over the years. With that if anything that means the production line for plastic chassis will remain as it is.

That aside so what’s up w/ A7′s yields right now that is the question.

2 years 5 months ago

Why metal ? what does it change ? plastic is better, and water proof.
Galaxy note 4 bend, but galaxy note 3 is not bendable.
And with plastic you can phone … with metal you have a beautiful metal box that can’t phone, that’s really weird to do that.

2 years 5 months ago

Samsung Alpha brand with FULL aluminium body in the back also, is the only possible way samsung could survive against competition. BUT samsumg must use latest hardware. Compare the actual on sale xioami MI4 that has 8 megapixles FRONT camera. Even samsung do not have that on their line. Samsung must put more effort on upgrading the hardware on alpha brand.Also please release device INTERNATIONAL, not just for Asia. I hate plastic samsungs and i hate obsolete iphone with ios a very bad OS. I am waiting to buy samsung alpha or xioami mi4 for my next device….

2 years 5 months ago

I don’t get it why do you want samsung to ditch the working strategy completely and follow a new path ? They are trying new things at a steady pace and will come off better than ever with the next flagship. Right now they are trying different ways that can be implemented so that they would know what will work in the future and what will fail them again.