Galaxy A3 (2016) Nougat update released

It appears that Samsung is now rolling out the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update to the cheapest model in its Galaxy A series. The company has reportedly started rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy A3 (2016) in Europe.

Not like this wasn’t expected. We saw evidence of the Nougat update being developed for the Galaxy A3 (2016) just a few weeks ago which suggested that it may not be long before this update is finally released for the handset.

The first reports of this handset receiving said update came in from Hungary so it’s quite likely that this update will soon be released in other markets across Europe. Firmware version A310FXXU3CQE6 is now being rolled out for this handset in Hungary.

Since this is an over-the-air firmware update, it’s obviously going to take some time before the update is available for all users. It’s unclear at this point in time how long it will take for the update to be released in additional markets.

The firmware update weighs in at just under 1GB and brings all of the features that you have come to expect from the Nougat update, including but not limited to the Multi-Window mode, improved Doze mode and notifications shade, user interface tweaks and more.


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5 days 22 hours ago

The A 2016 series gets nougat before A 2017 series because the 2017 series have already grace ui and lots of nougat features, so 2016 series have more reasons to upgrade sooner

1 day 14 hours ago

@ENESCUNGU Like A 2015 series.They needed more android marshmallow features but they only took icons,and somethings which google released basic things for Android 6.0.1
I think you are Turkish.And I write as Turkish after that.
Türksün sanırım ama yine de bilmiyorum.Samsung’un politikası çok saçma.Madem 2016 serisi 2017 den önce alıyor geçen sene neden 2015 serisi sonradan aldı.Tamam belki 2017 serisi Nougat özelliklerini taşıyor ama bir kısmını taşıyor.Ayrıca A 2015 serisi Android Marshmallow da hiç yenilik yapmadılar.Eski tip A 2016 serisinin Android 5.0 da kullandığı ikonları verdiler ve arayüz konusunda neredeyse hiçbir değişiklik yoktu ama A 2016 serisi S8 arayüzünü kullanıyor.Bundan önce A 2015 serisi kullanmıyordum ama bu konudaki haksızlıklar göz arda edilemez.

8 days 14 hours ago

will the galaxy on5 2016 (SMg5520)open china model will get an nougat update because it came with marshmallow there should be atleast one update for it.

8 days 14 hours ago

Realese to all countries

matías coiz
9 days 3 hours ago

Nougat Update for A310M LATAM??? I waiting…

10 days 22 hours ago

Really impressed with it so far, the phone seems to run even smoother now. Some features are missing, tho, like Splitscreen and always-on display.

11 days 6 hours ago

Waiting for a3 2016 ksa nougat update.. for long term please release update

11 days 8 hours ago

Why u all 2017 A series buyers wants update in 5-6 months after launching ?.Other models have also done good buiseness for them.They are lined in for almost 1 to 1.5 years for the update.They will get first then u get it.Other manufacturers does not provide updates to its midrangers.If u want quick updates buy nexus series.

11 days 7 hours ago

@ROHIT10081008 Do you remember A 2016 series users got Android 6.0.1 update last year?And A 2016 series got this update before A 2015 series.And this year should be like last year.A 2016 series users have to get this update after A 2017 series users.

11 days 7 hours ago

Your right
But when samsung release a 2017 said they give android 7 soon
is the 6 month early !

11 days 8 hours ago

They have a planned timetable to release the updates.U will eventually get it.Just be patient.

11 days 13 hours ago

even A3 2016 got nougat but A 2017 not shame on you samsung !!

11 days 14 hours ago

Because samsung A3 is updated and s5 that is high range ee samsung that evolved to the best ones have to update it

Ahmed Momen Galal
11 days 15 hours ago

Nougat For My A5 2017 Is Not Even Being Tested On GFX BENCH!!!! AND A 2016 SERIES ALREADY GOT NOUGAT,WTF SAMSUNG

11 days 15 hours ago

I think A5 2017 won’t get nougat!
Because it’s not even being tested!
Or maybe We’ll get nougat for A5 2017 on December 2017!! Shame on you Samsung
I Will never buy from Samsung anymore…because they don’t know anything about update and how to treat with costumers.

11 days 15 hours ago

Why you all want nougat on A 2017 series? We got the update to have your phone ui there no defference between android 6 and 7 in A 2017 series same samsung experience same ui same colors the A 2017 series are planned to have android 8

11 days 17 hours ago

I think A5 2017 won’t get nougat
Last phone from Samsung…this time really

11 days 20 hours ago

Personally i’m waiting for Android Nougat to come on the Samsung a5 2016 in Romania. I hope it comes this month

11 days 22 hours ago

I am in Hungary on XEH, and NO there is NO OTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 days 21 hours ago

Nougat is out only in Germany (DBT) for now.

11 days 21 hours ago

bozgor, not every phone gets it at the same time

11 days 22 hours ago

Everytime a new OS upgrade news is out,
A lot of comment ‘last Samsung phone for me’,
Next year will buy Samsung phone again.

7 days 18 hours ago

yes,i said s5 was my last phone from samsung and now i bought a5 2017

11 days 15 hours ago

Also the J 2015 series getting android 7 i dont know why if they want many new updates why dosent buy a flagship
Dont blame samsung for your low paid money for phone

11 days 21 hours ago

and when they buy chinese bombs they regret it and go back to samsung

11 days 21 hours ago

@PJAYA Not for me,I am determined.

12 days 21 minutes ago

My SM-A310 F DBT ( Germany, unbranded) has got the Update since 10th of June 2017 via OTA . It runs Smooth und Looks quite beautyfull.

12 days 1 hour ago

I am using Galaxy A7 2017 (my last phone from Samsung) and I will never buy Samsung anymore

11 days 21 hours ago

enjoy your chinese bombs with buggy software

11 days 5 hours ago

You are commenting in a wrong site.

12 days 2 hours ago

I’ll check it at the evening (a310F XEH Hun)

11 days 22 hours ago

NO OTA on 310f XEH !

12 days 4 hours ago

I am so disappointed
A 2017 Series are newer but A 2016 Series already got nougat
It’s seems Samsung forgot about A 2017 Series
Last Samsung phone I ever get

12 days 1 hour ago

I compeletly agree with you
A5 2017 the last phone i ever buy from samsung

12 days 3 hours ago

That’s because the A 2017 series already has most of the things from Nougat baked into the OS, including the AOD, the Blue light filter and even enhanced notifications.

12 days 5 hours ago

Hopefully soon in indonesia

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