Galaxy A3 (2016) running Nougat surfaces on Geekbench

We’ve known that Samsung’s preparing to start distributing the long-awaited Nougat update for the Galaxy A3 (2016) for a while now, but unfortunately we don’t have an exact release date. It looks like it could arrive on the device soon, though, as a variant has been spotted on the official Geekbench online database for the second time running the latest flavor of Android; indicating that the South Korean company is in the final stages of testing the firmware.

It would be wrong to not mention that benchmark results are relatively easy to falsify as there’s plenty of different applications available that enable you to modify a unit’s model number. That said, we’re pretty confident this is the real deal. As always, we’ll let you know as soon as the update starts rolling out — so be sure to keep your browser pointed to SamMobile (and follow us on Twitter) for the latest details.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 08.07.57


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3 days 11 hours ago

This is my test on Geekbench. I’ve flash LineageOS 14.1. Its not official rom 7.1.1.
Galaxy a3 2016 have 8 cores, but in the stock rom only 4 are enable.
For the moment LOS14.1 is in devellopement, we have a major bug (Sim card not detected)

Yazan A Abdallah
13 days 13 hours ago

J3 2016 marshamllow and nougat update

13 days 17 hours ago

J700F Taiwan marshmallow?

druthvik kratos
14 days 20 hours ago

Please release marshmallow update for j2 2015

15 days 2 hours ago

Its a custom rom, as i saw the other day how a user did an unnofficial lineageos14 for that device, but he says there are some major bugs to resolve.

15 days 8 hours ago

A3 (2016) is 4 core.Why it seys 8 core?

Vitario Vicci
15 days 12 hours ago

It’s not official

15 days 14 hours ago

It will be probably a custom rom.

15 days 12 hours ago

Ok I read it somewhere. I hope it will be true.

15 days 15 hours ago

??? Android 7.1.1?! And S7 and S6 have 7.0….. i personally have s6 and i will get only 7.0 and THIS phone gets 7.1.1……

15 days 11 hours ago

The A3 is newer, then your old S6. Thats why!

15 days 10 hours ago

But S7?! And S6 it’s better than A3 2016

15 days 10 hours ago

The S6 update time is gone, after the 7.0 update. Im sure it wont get 7.1 :)
Samsungs first 7.1 phone, will be the S8.