Galaxy A5 leaked manual hints at non-removable back

We reported recently that Samsung’s Galaxy A series handsets will be launched by next month. A sketch of what appears to be the Galaxy A5 from its Chinese manual has appeared online and it hints at the possibility of this device having a non-removable back.

The Galaxy A devices, namely Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, are all based on Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Touting a partial metal construction the Galaxy Alpha does have a removable back but it looks like the A series, and the A5 in particular, is going to have an all-metal enclosure which would mean that users will not be able to swap the battery.

As far as the SIM tray is concerned it appears that the tray will slide into the side of the device. It has also been found that there are no references to a fingerprint scanner in the manual which would mean that Samsung may not offer this feature in the Galaxy A series.

Samsung has not officially confirmed these devices as yet so it is not known for sure exactly when they will hit the market.




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