Different 12.2-inch Samsung tablets in the works (SM-T90x and SM-P90x)?

At this point we know there’s a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro coming before the end of March, but a new tablet that was recently shipped to India for testing suggests Samsung might be working on a few variants of its 12.2-inch tablet. An SM-T905 with a screen size of 12.2-inches and the same unit price as the SM-P905, which is the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, is listed on import/export tracking site Zauba, and the slight difference in the model numbers suggest there might be a few hardware differences between the two.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate at this point. The SM-T905 could be a variant with the S Pen, a variant with an AMOLED display, maybe both, or maybe neither. We can confirm that Samsung has firmware for the SM-T905 under testing, but what the differences between the T905 and P905 are is something that remains a mystery at this point.


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