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I have mixed feelings about the Galaxy S23’s processor rumors


Last updated: May 26th, 2022 at 09:56 UTC+02:00

Exynos processors are infamous for lower performance and throttling issues. Although Samsung came back strongly with the Exynos 2100, its chips still haven’t been able to match the performance of rival Snapdragon processors. It is rumored that Samsung won’t use Exynos chips in Galaxy S phones in 2023 and 2024, which gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand, the Samsung fan inside me is happy to know that Galaxy S series smartphones may no longer have to face performance-related issues. Qualcomm switching to TSMC most likely means that we might not see throttling issues anymore. Plus, Qualcomm has always been the leader in wireless technologies, and its chips are more efficient in 4G and 5G connectivity. In turn, this is great for future Galaxy S phones.

What will happen to the Exynos lineup and the AMD partnership?

On the other hand, the idea of Exynos chips not featuring in the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S24 somehow feels like Samsung has accepted its defeat. Some reports claim that the company has created a dream team of about 1,000 employees to start afresh and make high-quality custom processors for Galaxy S series smartphones. The first such chipset is said to be available by 2025.

Hopefully, the South Korean firm will be able to make a chip that can surpass the performance of rival chips from Qualcomm or even Apple. But what will happen with the huge AMD partnership? An Exynos 2300 is reportedly under development, but if not, how will the partnership continue with no Exynos chips planned for the next two years, ?

The future seems uncertain as of now

It is also unclear if those new chips will replace the Exynos lineup. Some rumors claim that Exynos chipsets will exist, but they would reportedly be designed for automobiles and infotainment systems. And what will happen to Exynos modems? The future of Samsung’s chips seems uncertain as of now, but I hope the company goes back to the drawing board and comes back with a winner on its hands.

What do you think about this situation? Would you be happy to see Exynos chipsets go away or do you think they should stay and improve? Let us know in the comments section below.

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