Zone V is a new Galaxy Store-exclusive launcher for the elderly

Having the ability to connect with people remotely has never been more important than it’s been this year, in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed. With many people stuck at home, technology plays an even bigger part in our lives than it used to, and Samsung in partnership with Zone V Limited wants to put the power of the smartphone in the hands of elderly people.

An exclusive launcher for senior Galaxy smartphone users

Samsung and Zone V Limited have joined forces to bring the Zone V app to the Galaxy Store. Zone V is a launcher designed primarily for seniors who may be suffering from poor eyesight, hearing, or dexterity. It drastically changes and simplifies the UI, not only for the home screen but for most first-party apps including Phone, Messages, Clock, Calendar, and Settings. It even comes with its own Notifications app to replace the standard notification shade.

The Zone V launcher also offers a couple of options for text size and color, and comes with a built-in SOS function that provides immediate access to the user’s emergency contacts. It’s compatible with any Samsung Galaxy smartphone running KNOX 2.6 and above.

Zone V is exclusive to the Galaxy Store, free for the first 4 months

The Zone V app is exclusive to Samsung devices, therefore, it’s available for download only from the Galaxy Store (tap the link). To celebrate the new partnership, the app is launching free of charge. Anyone who downloads the app within the next 6 months will get 4 months of free access to Zone V.

Once the 4 months of free access expire, Galaxy smartphone owners who may want to continue using the app will be able to do so by signing up to a £1.99 monthly subscription or paying £19.99 a year.

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