Breaking: Samsung’s challenge to LG OLED TVs is coming next year


Last updated: July 27th, 2021 at 14:02 UTC+02:00

Samsung remains one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium televisions. It has been able to retain this position even though it doesn’t sell OLED TVs. On the other hand, premium TVs from rivals like LG have used OLED technology for years.

Samsung maintained that its QLED technology was better compared to OLED. It maintains that Samsung QLED TVs offer better picture quality and don’t suffer from burn-in issues. The company has been working on QD-OLED technology, its alternative to OLED, for the past few years. Now, it appears to be gearing up to launch its challenge to LG OLED TVs.

Samsung might launch its QD-OLED TVs at CES 2022

QD-OLED or Quantum Dot OLED is essentially a hybrid of both QLED and OLED technologies. It will combine the exceptional qualities of OLED with quantum dots to improve the brightness and color. This will result in a display panel that’s significantly brighter than a conventional OLED with improved color and viewing angles. What’s there to not like!

Some analysts believe that it’s going to be cheaper to manufacture QD-OLED panels at scale. This would help bring down the price of premium TVs as high-end OLED options can be pretty pricey.

A new report out of South Korea claims that Samsung will launch its highly anticipated QD-OLED TV in the first half of 2022. It’s reportedly developing 55-inch and 65-inch QD-OLED TVs for a market launch in H1 2022. A larger 70-inch model will be offered later.

We may not have to wait until then to actually see its new TV technology. The report suggests that Samsung might showcase its first QD-OLED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas come January. That’s quite possible since Samsung always unveils new premium TVs at CES.

Samsung will also enhance its presence in the premium TV segment by expanding its MicroLED TV lines. For new MicroLED TVs, Samsung will be setting up another TV manufacturing factory in Vietnam. It will make smaller 77-inch and 88-inch MicroLED TVs there by the end of this year. The new lineup of MicroLED TVs will also arrive in 2022.

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