Samsung testing Android 10 for Galaxy A6, A6+, and A7 (2018)

With all eligible flagship Galaxy phones already on Android 10 (well, except the Galaxy S9, which will hopefully receive the stable Android 10 update soon), Samsung can now focus its attention on the mid-range Galaxy A series devices. To that end, the company recently started testing Android 10 for the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40, and now, GalaxyClub reports that testing on Android 10 for the Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6+, and Galaxy A7 (2018) is underway as well.

Samsung is said to be testing firmware version A600FNXXU5CSL5 for the Galaxy A6, A605FNXXU5CSL1 for the A6+, and A750FNXXU3CTA1 for the Galaxy A7 (2018). The letter “C” in the firmware version is what gives away the fact that this is Android 10 firmware. Firmware with the letter “B” are all based on Android Pie, just like the Android Oreo firmware these devices launched with had the letter “A” in that position.

When will the update actually arrive on these phones?

Based on Samsung’s official roadmap for the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update, the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A7 (2018) are slated to be updated in April this year, while the A6+ is scheduled to get it anytime between April and June depending on market. However, there’s always a chance the update will come earlier or later than the company’s current estimates, and pinpointing a concrete date is impossible as Samsung simply releases updates when they’re ready.

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