Samsung intros 85-inch Flip 2 fit for the work / study from home era

Samsung USA has announced a new addition to its interactive display/whiteboard lineup known as the Flip / Flip 2. A new 85-inch variant is joining the existing 55-inch and 65-inch models in the USA. It’s now listed online at but it is not yet available for purchase through the company’s e-shop, so pricing details are missing.

The 85-inch Flip 2 is actually being referred to as the 85-inch Interactive Display in Samsung’s latest press release. Unclear naming convention aside, the 85-inch Interactive Display / Flip 2 is a digital whiteboard designed for businesses, universities, corporate offices, and healthcare facilities.

A great match for the current hybrid model of education/business

The world is changing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with students and employees alike spending more time learning and working from home while communicating with their peers remotely. Samsung’s Interactive Display is the perfect match for the current hybrid model of education and business, as it allows students and colleagues to work together in real time, whether on-site or remotely.

The 85-inch Interactive Display / Flip 2 offers 4K picture quality, smooth pen-to-paper writing mode, real-time content sharing, and a six-digit lock system for teachers, managers, and/or healthcare professionals who may require safeguarding sensitive information.

The digital whiteboard is equipped with HDMI, USB, DP, OPS, and NFC technology, and it can detect up to four stylus inputs simultaneously. Head down to Samsung’s official landing page for the 85-inch Interactive Display to find out more.

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