A 65-inch Samsung Flip will be available in Germany from September

Samsung’s interactive digital whiteboard, the Samsung Flip, will be available in a new size soon. A 65-inch model of the Flip will go on sale in Germany starting this September. Samsung also promises feature enhancements with the latest iteration of the whiteboard.

Samsung Flip gets feature enhancements

The Samsung Flip is a multi-user interactive display aimed at improving collaborative digital engagements. It allows up to four persons to simultaneously introduce content using the flip pen, or any other similar object. Since the flip pen has no electronic components inside, you can replace it with objects like a pen, pencil, small stick, or even your finger. The Samsung Flip recognizes the thickness of the writing object and reflects the thickness on the screen. Also, the brush mode of the Flip recognizes the most delicate touch of a paintbrush as well. Samsung claims its new Flip has the fastest recognition speed in the industry.

Clicking the note layer button allows users to take notes on images or documents directly on the display. It also features tools to make image editing much easier. Users can select, move, crop, merge, or delete background of images with just a few clicks. If 65-inch is still too small for your projects, the new Samsung Flip also comes with a screen share feature. It allows you to transfer the contents to a bigger compatible display via WLAN network, or through wired connections.

The new Flip also has the Remote PC function which allows users to access their desktop or laptop computers from the Flip to view or edit data. Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice can be connected to the Flip to make operation even more comfortable.

The new, 65-inch Samsung Flip will be available in Germany starting this September. Samsung is yet to disclose the precise release date or pricing details of the board.

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