Galaxy A01 back to receiving regular security updates post-Android 11

The July 2021 security update has started deploying to the Galaxy A01, three months after the entry-level device started making the jump to Android 11. Labeled by PDA version A015MUBU4BUG2, Samsung’s newest software release has made its way to Brazil, where it started reaching Galaxy A01 owners earlier today. Expect the rollout to go global in a matter of days, as that tends to be the case.

Looking at the wider picture, the July 2021 security patch level is rather widespread by now. It has been deploying across the planet for a couple of weeks, encompassing 94 device models in 33 countries as of today.

Expect the July 20 21 security update to land on your Galaxy A01 soon

Not keen on waiting for the new software to reach you on its own? That’s understandable, and fortunately, not the only option at your disposal. To start with, try initiating an installation yourself by going to Settings Software update > Download and install. Due to obvious reasons, this option is most likely to work if you’re located in Brazil, or another country wherein the rollout has already begun.

But if that doesn’t work and you have a Windows machine at your disposal, there’s also the option of downloading full system images containing the new software from our firmware archives, then manually flashing them to your device. Just don’t forget to back up your data in that case. Oh, and as for the security update at hand, the July 1st patch level is a pretty big deal for Bluetooth vulnerabilities, as per Samsung’s own summary of its contents.

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