Samsung expects IoT to gain popularity in India as 5G rolls out

India is considered by Samsung as one of its most important markets, which is why the company is constantly making an effort to increase its influence in the mobile segment and other areas. Now, according to a recent report citing Vice President of Home IoT, Sunggy Koo, Samsung is looking forward to making a bigger IoT push in India as 5G becomes available.

Our smart products have received a strong response in the Indian market… We think the usage of IoT and demand for connected devices will definitely increase in countries like India as 5G gets rolled out” revealed Sunggy Koo in a recent interview.

Of course, Samsung has already commercialized IoT-capable products in India, including the Family Hub refrigerator which was introduced roughly one year ago. But 5G will allow for faster network speeds, increased data traffic, and improved latencies, which should greatly benefit the IoT segment. IoT is fundamentally based around the idea of different types of devices being able to communicate with one another, and 5G is expected to have a major effect on the IoT landscape.

It may take a few more years before 5G will become available in India – and thus 5G-based IoT solutions to be commercialized – but Samsung could also play an important role in the 5G infrastructure’s development. Last month we’ve reported that Samsung and two of India’s top telecommunication companies – Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel – are discussing 5G networks. The Korean company might become a primary supplier of 5G network equipment for the Indian market as a result, thereby getting in on the ground floor of India’s 5G revolution.


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