Here’s Samsung’s vision for the future of broadcast and control rooms

Samsung, the world’s biggest TV firm, also makes digital signages, monitors, and professional displays in various shapes and sizes. The company has now unveiled its vision for the future of broadcast rooms, control rooms, and meeting rooms. These professional environments can take advantage of Samsung’s latest business TVs, ultra-large-screen 8K TVs, and ultrawide monitors.

The company has released short videos and images of how mission-critical control rooms, channel broadcasting rooms, meeting rooms, and video conferencing rooms could look like. Control rooms could use The Wall, which is an extremely modular microLED display that offers extremely high brightness, wide contrast ratio, great color, HDR10+, and low reflection. Moreover, it can display various video feeds on a single screen, which is great for keeping track of various video feeds from security cameras, CCTV cameras, and drone footage.

Samsung Display Future Control Room The Wall Monitors

The Wall also uses modular panels with shock and dust resistance, high energy efficiency, and are ESD (Electrostatic Discharges) safe. Ultrawide monitors are great for professionals who work on various applications side-by-side and for applications like stock market trading. It can also be used in broadcasting rooms and studios as virtual backgrounds.

Samsung Future Broadcasting VX Room The Wall

Samsung’s Crystal UHD TVs and 8K QLED TVs can enhance meeting rooms and video conferencing rooms for seamless communications and immersive slideshows. High-resolution and ultrawide monitors can also be used by video editors and those who work behind the scenes for live sports and news broadcasting. Even city administration, traffic control, military, and air force can transform their control rooms using the latest display solutions from Samsung.

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