Samsung makes TVs truly bezel-less with the new Q950TS 8K TV


Last updated: January 31st, 2020 at 10:52 UTC+02:00

Following reports that Samsung would reveal a zero-bezel TV at CES 2020, the company has now revealed its flagship model for the year. The Samsung Q950TS 8K TV has a stunning, super-thin form factor with 8K resolution and surround sound audio.

Given its lack of bezels, the picture on the TV would appear as a disembodied moving image, similar to what you see with a projector. However, the obvious difference is that the moving image is being displayed on a very bright TV with excellent color reproduction.

Samsung Q950TS 8K TV has a 99% screen-to-body ratio

There isn’t really a frame around the TV which only measures 15mm thick, other than a small edge at the very bottom. This allows for a screen-to-body ratio of almost 99 percent compared to 95 percent that you get with most other TVs. Samsung calls it the Infinity Screen effect. No design compromises had to be made to achieve this bezel-less construction. The TV has a completely flat back panel so it can lay flush against a wall.

There’s really no 8K content out there to speak of which is why the Q950 features Samsung’s next-generation Quantum Processor 8K that has advanced artificial intelligence-based capabilities to upscale any content to 8K. Samsung is also working with YouTube to allow for streaming native 8K content on the TV.

The Q950 has speakers on every side of the display with sub-woofers in the back. The AI-based Object Tracking Sound+ software matches the movement of audio sound with the movement of objects on the screen for exceptional 5.1 channel surround sound.

Bixby is smarter on Samsung’s new TV series. For example, customers can tell it to create a calm atmosphere and Bixby will bring up a relaxing backdrop on the screen. Samsung is also integrating both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in its 2020 QLED 8K series. A Digital Butler has been added to the Q950 as well which lets users control non-smart devices using infrared technology.

The Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV is being displayed at Samsung’s CES booth. It hasn’t confirmed pricing and availability information for this TV yet.

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