Samsung completes prototyping Tesla’s 4680 battery cells


Last updated: July 14th, 2021 at 14:55 UTC+02:00

Apart from mobile devices, computers, home appliances, display panels, and semiconductor chips, Samsung also makes batteries for various products, including electric cars. Samsung SDI, the company’s battery-making arm, is eyeing to bag a contract from Tesla for its future electric cars.

It is being reported that Samsung SDI has completed creating the first sample cells of Tesla’s 4680 battery. However, Samsung is not the only company to do so. Even LG Energy Solutions, Samsung’s South Korean rival, is vying for a contract and has completed prototyping battery cells based on Tesla’s new format.

The world’s biggest electric car maker claims that its 4680 battery cells are cheaper and more efficient at the same time. Tesla’s 4680 battery cells could offer a longer drive range and faster charging speeds. They could allow Tesla to make cheaper electric car models that are priced below $25,000.

Tesla had to develop new manufacturing processes to make its new battery. The company plans to produce them in its new factories that are being built near Austin, Berlin, and Shanghai. On top of those factories, Tesla is planning to buy additional units of 4680 battery cells from its current battery supplies.

Samsung is eying the growing electric and connected cars market, and it is offering specialized chipsets, batteriesOLED screens, camera sensors, and LED lights for automobiles.

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