Samsung Blockchain Keystore gets support for Bitcoin

Samsung has added support for Bitcoin (BTC) tokens on its Blockchain Keystore wallet. According to updated information on the Samsung Developers website, the Blockchain Keystore SDK now supports Bitcoin, Klaytn and Ethereum tokens. Klaytn is a cryptocurrency released recently by the Korean social messaging giant Kakao.

Samsung announced the Blockchain Keystore wallet with the launch of the Galaxy S10 series back in February. However, it was compatible only with Ethereum and Ethereum-derived ERC-20 tokens. The notable exclusion of Bitcoin, the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap, left many of its proponents dismayed. They can now rejoice as the Blockchain Keystore SDK now supports their favorite crypto asset.

The Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK allows Android applications, or DApps, direct communication with the Blockchain Keystore wallet. This will allow users to link blockchain addresses to the wallet, sign cryptocurrency transactions and check the Keystore status. Samsung is currently offering a beta version of the SDK to developers via an application process. The company hopes to release the official version by the end of this year.

Available in select markets

In addition to the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore is also supported by the newly announced Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Availability, however, is limited to select jurisdictions, namely Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Samsung may expand the service to more regions in the coming months. The Korean giant is also developing an Ethereum based blockchain and may release a token of its own in the near future.


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I am very interested in this feature, but I live in Italy, and therefore for the short term at least I will not be able to take advantage of this feature, you of SamMobile, do you know anything about the extension of this service in Italy?


What is DApps, ?