Massive Galaxy Fold 2 specs leak reveals S Pen, 120Hz foldable panel

A whole bunch of Galaxy Fold 2 specifications leaked via @DSCCRoss in a series of tweets, revealing quite a lot of details for the cover display, the foldable panel, and other technologies surrounding them. There’s a lot of info to digest, so strap yourselves in.

120Hz foldable display with UTG and no under-display camera

For the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung is reportedly going to use a similar UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) technology to what was employed by the Galaxy Z Flip. This gives the panel more rigidity and a better, less plasticky feel to the touch. The foldable panel will have a 7.59-inch diagonal, a resolution of 2213 by 1689, and a 120Hz refresh rate like the Galaxy S20 lineup.

While Samsung originally wanted the Galaxy Fold 2 to boast an under-display camera, the recent leak claims the technology isn’t ready yet, so the company will instead go the punch-hole route. It’s still going to be a step up from the notch design marring the original Galaxy Fold’s inner panel.

The source adds that the foldable display will use LTPO backplane technology.

S Pen support included

The Galaxy Fold 2 will have S Pen support, according to the leak, but the source doesn’t exactly specify whether this will be true for the cover or foldable display (or both). It apparently enhances the tablet experience, so the source does suggest that pen input will be available particularly for the interior display.

The issue with foldable panels is that they are a lot less resilient to pressure from pointy objects, and that’s what the tip of an S Pen is. Perhaps Samsung made great strides in UTG technology and the Galaxy Fold 2’s foldable panel will support the S Pen.

A lot of prospective Galaxy Fold customers ultimately skipped the first model but claim to want to buy a Fold as soon as it offers S Pen support. The S Pen seems to be one of the most highly-anticipated additions to this series, so if the Galaxy Fold 2 will indeed offer this feature mentioned in the leak, it will undeniably attract a lot of attention and will push the foldable phone-tablet formula to new heights, distancing Samsung from its competitors even further.

A considerably larger cover display

The original Galaxy Fold’s cover display had a 4.6-inch diagonal but according to leaks, the sequel’s exterior panel will measure 6.23 inches. It will have a resolution of 2267 by 819, LTPS backplane technology, a punch-hole design for the selfie camera, and a 60Hz refresh rate.

The relatively-small cover display was one of the main gripes users had with the Galaxy Fold. It didn’t provide enough functionality to truly be its own thing, but Samsung is reportedly looking to change this with the sequel, which is great! A larger cover display will allow users to perform the usual smartphone tasks without having to unfold the device, reserving the foldable panel for tablet-like experiences.

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