Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with S Pen, but don’t expect a dedicated slot

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold lineup offers higher productivity and better multitasking, thanks to the larger screen and the ability to use three apps side by side. Most consumers say that they can never go back to a traditional smartphone once they’ve used a Galaxy Z Fold device. To maximize productivity, some users have been demanding the S Pen functionality to be added to Samsung’s future foldable smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Fold series uses thinner-than-usual screen protection, so using an S Pen may damage it in the long run. Six months ago, it was first reported that Samsung had finally made its mind to offer S Pen functionality on the Galaxy Z Fold series. The company has reportedly figured out a solution by making the foldable screen’s UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) protection thicker than its current state and embedding a digitizer for the S Pen. South Korean media had confirmed two months ago that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will indeed have S Pen compatibility, but it is now being reported that the upcoming foldable phone won’t have a dedicated slot for the S Pen.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 may lack a dedicated S Pen slot due to lack of space, water-resistance issues

Until last month, Samsung was reportedly trying to make room for the S Pen within the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s chassis. However, the company has now decided to exclude the dedicated slot for the S Pen due to lack of internal space as well as dust and water resistance issues. The report also states that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will indeed come with a dust and water resistance rating, similar to most other high-end phones from Samsung.

Like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung may offer a separate case for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to hold the S Pen. The S Pen and the case might be sold separately. The report also claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone will be compatible with the S Pen Pro that was unveiled alongside the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year. The South Korean firm is still two months away from the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s production schedule (June 2021), so the company’s decision to exclude a dedicated slot for the S Pen may change in the future.

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