Exclusive: Galaxy Watch Active 2 features include ECG and Fall Detection

We exclusively revealed the very first images of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 soon after confirming that this smartwatch was being developed. We now have some more information about the wearable device, particularly about the new health-related features that it’s going to offer.

As previously mentioned, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be available in both 44mm and 40mm sizes. The design is going to be the same and both won’t have the rotating bezel like previous Samsung smartwatches. The decision that Samsung made with the original Galaxy Watch Active to remove the bezel wasn’t a one-off.

Our sources reveal that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will take a page out of the Apple Watch Series 4’s book and feature an ECG app. It will enable users to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist. The app will let users capture their heart rhythm when they experience symptoms such as rapid or skipped, low or irregular heartbeat. The data could then be shared with physicians for an expert opinion.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 will provide Afib notifications too

The device will also be able to provide users with atrial fibrillation or Afib notifications by occasionally checking heart rhythm in the background. It’s the most common kind of irregular rhythm and if it’s not treated, it could result in a stroke. So this functionality will be a welcome addition to the smartwatch. Given that Apple was required to obtain FDA clearance for these features, it’s highly likely that Samsung would require it as well. This would mean that the features may not be available at launch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also have Fall Detection. The feature will work much in the same way that it does on the Apple Watch Series 4. If the device detects a hard fall while it’s on the wrist, it will display an alert on the screen and also vibrate to nudge the user. They can use one-tap options to either contact emergency services or dismiss the alert. If the smartwatch doesn’t get a response in a pre-determined period time, it will automatically call emergency services and also send messages to the user’s emergency contacts.

It’s unclear as yet when the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is going to be released. Some are suggesting that perhaps it might be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about a new wearable device at this point, though. We’ll update you if more information about the Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in.

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