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Samsung confirmed earlier this month that it’s going to unveil the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. The new flagship is being launched a month before its predecessor. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 at a special event in March last year.

When the company held a separate event for the Galaxy S8 last year, many thought that this was because it didn’t want its new flagship handset to drown in the MWC 2017 news cycle. Several major manufacturers announce their new flagships at the event so the news cycle tends to get pretty full. However, it looks like nobody will be stealing the Galaxy S9’s thunder at MWC 2018.

Hogging the limelight

Samsung’s Korean rival LG normally unveils a new G-series handset at MWC every year but recent reports have suggested that it’s not going to launch the LG G7 at MWC 2018. Huawei is another major manufacturer that was expected to unveil its new flagship smartphone in Barcelona but according to a new report, it had decided not to unveil its new flagship at MWC 2018.

Some reports suggest that Sony will be unveiling a new flagship device at Mobile World Congress 2018 but even that’s far from confirmed at this point in time. Moreover, it has been a while since Sony flagships held a candle to Samsung’s high-end Galaxy smartphones, at least as far as desirability and popularity are concerned.

There will likely be a smattering of mid-range and premium mid-range handsets from Nokia and Motorola/Lenovo but nothing that will possibly steal the spotlight from Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

This is obviously something that Samsung won’t mind at all. What company doesn’t like hogging the limelight?


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25 days 11 hours ago
Horus Osiris

Hmm I don’t know, a Z Pro with a 4K Oled could be a win this year for Sony, looks promising if it is true

25 days 16 hours ago

This is due to the sd845 being taken by samsung

26 days 2 hours ago
The S9/S9+ will only be a incremental improvement in both the design & hardware side of things. The FPS being the biggest improvement adhering to the S5’s/Note4’s ideal placement. The biggest improvement however should be the price. Reuse, reduce and recycle and you can achieve greater success and lower prices. Therefore I’m looking forward to seeing 100% recycled metals, papers and plastics. I don’t want to see a big black phone box with a measly text saying ‘printed with soy ink’ – like wow Samsung, is that all you can do? I’d like to see plenty of phone color choices… Read more »
26 days 7 hours ago

Thunder??? Like it is gonna be any. It is a rebranded s8 with a FPS where it should have been to begin with.

26 days 6 hours ago

You forget at a higher price and margins as they will reuse a lot of the old s8 components like the front shell and design, front camera, same 4gb memory, same battery and other components

26 days 8 hours ago

What thunder? Are they doing a release at the same time to hide the disappointment? Like when they released the s5?