Galaxy Note 5 January 2018 update rolling out now

Quite a few Samsung handsets have received the January 2018 security update over the past couple of weeks. Even flagships like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 have received it in some markets. Samsung is gradually rolling out the update to more devices and now it’s the Galaxy Note 5’s turn. The Galaxy Note 5 January 2018 security update has been released in several markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Galaxy Note 5 January 2018 update

Samsung’s latest security maintenance release brings fixes for five critical vulnerabilities in the Android operating system as well as patches for many low, moderate and high-risk vulnerabilities.

It also includes patches for 13 Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items that the company discovered in its own software. Users shouldn’t expect much in the way of new features with this update as its main purpose is to apply these patches.

Samsung is now rolling out firmware version N920CXXS4CRA1 for the Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920C) in more than a dozen markets in the aforementioned regions. The update is now rolling out in markets like the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

Galaxy Note 5 owners will receive an over-the-air update notification on their handsets when the firmware becomes available for their market. The firmware files are also available for download from our firmware section.


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1 month ago i sell my note 5 & buy s8+ Waiting for oreo or January patch now my old note 5 get January Patch before i get it on my s8+ ?

Blood Wolfe
Blood Wolfe

and this is before my unlocked Note 8 (N950W) gets it? FFS Samdung! Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable my $1300+tax phone only 4 months old (still on November 2017 security update) is slower at updates than the Note 5.


You do have a partial point that it’s kind of ridiculous since the note8 is new and should have top priority but older phones deserve patches as well because not everyone is wealthy enough to even upgrade after a few years of using a particular phone.
The best remedy for this situation is that Samsung stops being so greedy and actually puts more resources into things that matter most like updates for example and they certainly can because they have plenty of money but they are not using it 100% wisely to satisfy all their long-term and short-term customers.