Official confirms Galaxy Fold issues won’t affect Note 10 August debut

Samsung is facing two major device releases by the end of the year. With the Galaxy Fold having been delayed from its intended April 26 release, the foldable luxury phone is getting dangerously close to the usual yearly launch window occupied by the Note series. But despite some industry rumors, Samsung is adamant in keeping the Galaxy Note 10 on schedule, regardless of how the Galaxy Fold story will unfold.

“The Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule” revealed a Samsung official to the Korean media in a recent report. “The company keeps the same stance about the Galaxy Fold’s schedule.” In other words, the Fold’s delay won’t affect the launch strategy set forth for the Galaxy Note 10 series, and any plans surrounding the phablet should not have an effect on the Fold either.

The official didn’t mention any exact time frames in which the Galaxy Fold might be planned for release, but the report hints at a possible late-July launch. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 10 has now been virtually confirmed by the unnamed official to debut in August, while a recent rumor hints at an August 7 event.

The company insider cited by the source also reconfirmed that Samsung’s engineers are still working to iron out the Fold’s flaws. “Company officials are actively testing the foldable devices with user trial versions as they are reporting errors occurring in various settings.” Intense firmware testing has been a part of the smartphone’s recent history. The Galaxy Fold might not be “ready to hit the market” just yet, but the hardware issues surrounding the display have mostly been fixed and the company seems to be entirely focused on improving the software experience.

The phone might be getting a late-July launch, according to speculations, and it doesn’t seem like it’s been canceled altogether, despite AT&T canceling Fold pre-orders and issuing a $100 promo card to satisfy its customers and Best Buy canceling orders as well. Whatever the case may be, Samsung seems to be viewing the launch of the Fold and Galaxy Note 10 series as two entirely separate scenarios which shouldn’t affect each other in any way.

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