Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could sport insane fast charging speed

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing that the Galaxy Note 10 fast charging speed could be higher than the Galaxy S10 5G’s 25W. Most of Samsung’s recent devices only support 15W fast charging. Samsung’s rivals have long been touted their better fast charging speeds and it appears that the company will hit back at them with its upcoming flagship.

A new rumor suggests that the fast charging speed on the Galaxy Note 10 could be 45W. If that is indeed the case, it would be almost twice as fast as the Galaxy S10 5G. Not that this will be something to complain about.

Galaxy Note 10 fast charging speed could be 45W

The rumor comes from tech leakster @UniverseIce who posted a rather cryptic tweet featuring an image of Leonardo Da Vinci, the number 101101 and a lightning bolt. It’s already known that the Galaxy Note 10’s codename is Da Vinci and that the lightning bolt is a nod to fast charging. The 101101 number is in binary which in decimal is precisely 45. Sure, it may seem like grasping at straws, but that’s really the only possible conclusion that can be drawn from this tweet.

It’s pertinent to mention here that the same leakster has previously said that the Galaxy Note 10 fast charging speed could be higher than 25W. Another source had claimed that the figure would be higher and not lower than 25W. The 50W figure has been thrown around in the rumor mill as well so the possibility of 45W fast charging doesn’t seem far-fetched.

With the cheaper Galaxy Note 10 expected to feature a 3,400mAh battery, a significant improvement in charging speeds could help placate customers. It will also mean that the Galaxy Note 10 Pro’s 4,500mAh battery gets juiced up that much faster. Since the Galaxy Note series has always been aimed at professionals, this would certainly be a worthwhile addition to the Galaxy Note 10, wouldn’t you agree?

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