Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed ‘Da Vinci’

It’s been less than a month since the Galaxy Note 9 went on sale and we’re already hearing rumors about the Galaxy Note 10. As expected, it’s the codename of the device that is the subject of this early rumor. According to leakster Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note 10 has been codenamed “Da Vinci”. Could it be a play on how the Galaxy Note flagships are the best multi-purpose smartphones, similar to how Leonardo da Vinci is known to have been a man of many talents?

Galaxy Note 10 rumors are already here

It sounds plausible, especially with how the Galaxy Note 9 – which was codenamed ‘Crown’ – is packed to the brim with features and is great at pretty much everything a smartphone is supposed to do. It could also simply be a hint at a major design upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10 (and the Galaxy S10), given how Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous work is the painting of the Mona Lisa.

But the Galaxy Note 10 is still a year away, so whether Da Vinci is actually its codename is something only time will tell. Most reports about the codenames of future Galaxy flagships usually come from Korean publications (and sometimes from our sources as well), and hopefully another such report will come out in the near future to shed more light on the matter.

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